Top Australian Universities on Facebook

Top Australian Universities on Facebook

2022 Facebook University Ranking


What are the most popular Australian Universities on Facebook? uniRank tries to answer this question by publishing the 2022 Facebook University Ranking of all Australian higher-education institutions on Facebook meeting the following uniRank selection criteria:

  • being chartered, licensed or accredited by the appropriate Australian higher education-related organization in each country
  • offering at least three-year bachelor's degrees or postgraduate master's or doctoral degrees
  • delivering courses predominantly in a traditional, non-distance education format

Australian Universities on Facebook

Rank University Followers
1 Macquarie University Macquarie University's Facebook page 732,633
2 University of New South Wales University of New South Wales's Facebook page 650,389
3 Deakin University Deakin University's Facebook page 601,862
4 The University of Melbourne The University of Melbourne's Facebook page 511,319
5 The University of Sydney The University of Sydney's Facebook page 453,645
6 University of Tasmania University of Tasmania's Facebook page 440,823
7 Monash University Monash University's Facebook page 403,027
8 Curtin University Curtin University's Facebook page 353,000
9 The University of Queensland The University of Queensland's Facebook page 299,112
10 La Trobe University La Trobe University's Facebook page 295,603
11 Swinburne University of Technology Swinburne University of Technology's Facebook page 281,418
12 Australian National University Australian National University's Facebook page 275,000
13 The University of Newcastle The University of Newcastle's Facebook page 263,376
14 RMIT University RMIT University's Facebook page 249,000
15 University of South Australia University of South Australia's Facebook page 228,029
16 University of Wollongong University of Wollongong's Facebook page 223,874
17 Queensland University of Technology Queensland University of Technology's Facebook page 213,262
18 Western Sydney University Western Sydney University's Facebook page 208,895
19 The University of Western Australia The University of Western Australia's Facebook page 198,685
20 Edith Cowan University Edith Cowan University's Facebook page 192,468
21 The University of Adelaide The University of Adelaide's Facebook page 172,552
22 Victoria University Victoria University's Facebook page 166,379
23 Griffith University Griffith University's Facebook page 143,091
24 University of Canberra University of Canberra's Facebook page 137,879
25 University of Technology Sydney University of Technology Sydney's Facebook page 137,200
26 Central Queensland University Central Queensland University's Facebook page 125,249
27 University of Southern Queensland University of Southern Queensland's Facebook page 124,803
28 Australian Catholic University Australian Catholic University's Facebook page 122,644
29 Flinders University Flinders University's Facebook page 114,915
30 Bond University Bond University's Facebook page 85,304
31 James Cook University James Cook University's Facebook page 84,537
32 Federation University Australia Federation University Australia's Facebook page 83,215
33 Charles Sturt University Charles Sturt University's Facebook page 77,663
34 Charles Darwin University Charles Darwin University's Facebook page 64,625
35 University of the Sunshine Coast University of the Sunshine Coast's Facebook page 59,000
36 Torrens University Australia Torrens University Australia's Facebook page 51,497
37 Murdoch University Murdoch University's Facebook page 47,705
38 University of New England, Australia University of New England, Australia's Facebook page 47,123
39 Southern Cross University Southern Cross University's Facebook page 41,046
40 The University of Notre Dame Australia The University of Notre Dame Australia's Facebook page 17,837

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